Kerala – The Gods Own Country lies in between ‘Western Ghat’ mountains and Arabian Sea. The land comprises around 38863 square kilometers.Its East, South borders are covered with State of Tamil Nadu, some part of East and North bordering with State of Karnataka. West part is sharing with Arabian Sea. A part of Pondicherry State – Mahi is lying inside Kerala. Kerala LocationKerala is one of the four states of South India; amongst them share the common Dravidian linguistic culture. The main language of Kerala is ‘Malayalam’ മലയാളം), but English is also widely spoken.The etymology of Kerala has different definitions. One is the name derived from ‘Kara’ means coconut tree + ‘alam’ means land -> Keralam (Kerala) ‘Land of Coconut Trees’.Another one is from the ‘Chera’ dynasty, one of ancient rulers of Kerala, Land of Chera – Cheralam, transformed into Kerala. Kerala State was formed on 1956-November 1st on the basis of language.

As compared with other states of India, Kerala ranked at the top in its Literacy Rate, Women Literacy Rate, Life Span, Low Birth Rate and Health. The states human development index arguably equivalent with some developed countries. The first elected Communist Ministry was formed here.

Kerala stretched between ‘Western Ghat’(one amongst the 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world) and Arabian Sea. It has around 580 KM of coastlines and average width varies from 40 to 130 kms. Kerala lies between north latitudes 8°18′ and 12°48′ and east longitudes 74°52′ and 72°22′. Kerala experiences hot humid Tropical weather.It has a comprehensive rainy season (South-west monsoon and north-east monsoon) which offers average 3000 mm of annual rainfall, which has some top of 5000 mm at some hilly areas. This extensive rainfall makes Kerala the beauty of lush green. It has 44 rivers and number of canals, lakes and backwaters – the scenic splendors. A traveller can find places varies from golden sand beaches to misty mountains in a span of around 150 kms. The main attractions of Kerala are Backwaters, Beaches, Hill Stations and Religious centers.