Ernakulam District

Ernakulam (Kochi) is the commercial Capital of Kerala. One of the finest natural Harbours of the world and one of the Major Ports of India – Kochi is also known as ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’. The Periyar River drops into Arabian Sea here at Kochi which formed a string of beautiful Islands Vypeen, Raman Thuruthu, Vallarpadam, Bolgatty are few amongst them. From time immemorial, traders and travellers frequented this place. Most of the City’s commercial centers are located in the mainland, the town called ERnakulam which also lends its name to the District.

In and around Kochi is the hub of Kerala’s Tourism. The Chinese Fishing Nets in the back Waters, Dutch Palace, Portuguese architecture, Jewish Synagogue everything blended here in correct proportion.


AREA 2950 KM2
POPULATION 30,98,378 (2001 census)
RAINFALL 2540 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 20 – Max 34.5
CLIMATE Tropical.



  • Fort – Kochi Beach – Kochi Beach
    This is a small but beautiful and attractive beach. A visitor can enjoy the Ships passes through, Chinese Fishing Nets, Fish Catching.
    How to reach There :- By boat or Bus Through Vypeen. Or by Bus for Fort Koch.
  • Backwater Cruise
    A boat journey in the blue Backwaters studded with palm fringed islands would be an unforgettable moment for a Traveller. The boat journey starts from Marine Drive at the Ernakulam side of the city pass through Kochi Harbour, Willington Island,  Bolgatty Palace, Vypeen Island and finally reaches at the starting point. There are so many boats are available for Water cruise, preferably after noon is idle for Back Water Cruise.
  • Bolgatty island and Palace
    The beautiful Bolgatty island palace was built by the Dutch back in 1744. Later handed over to British Resident of Kochi. Now it is the hotel run by KTDC(a Govt. Kerala concern). It is well known for its Honey Moon Cottages built along side the water away from the main building. There is a small Golf course and different view points for the lovely views of Sea and the Port. The food and dine at the KTDC hotel is simply superb, if you can afford the cost and the Mosquitoes .
    How to reach There :- By boat from the High court Jetty or Bus Through Goshree Bridges.
  • Chinese Fishing Nets
    The Chinese fishing nets at the Fort Kochi is a fascinating sight. There are large nets which hang from bamboo or Teak polls and are used by local fishermen. At the late afternoon just before the sunset , the Chinese Fishing Nets create Spectacular sight of Kochi Waterfront. You can see the catching of fishes using these nets if you are lucky enough. The time of catching varies from day to day in accordance with the Tides.
    How to reach There :- By boat or Bus Through Vypeen. Or by Bus for Fort Kochi.
  • Cochin Museum – Hill Palace Museum
    Cochin Museum also known as Hill Palace Museum, which is located at Thripunithura some 13 KM from City. It was earlier at Durbar Hall at Kochi. Their displayed the Wealth and property of royal family of Kochi. It includes Kings’ Crown and Throne, Majestic beds, paintings, carvings and samples of epigraphy. Museum is open between 9.00 AM-12.30 PM & 2.00-4.30 PM holyday on Mondays. A deer park is situated near the museum.
    How to reach There :- By direct bus towards Thripunithura from the city.
  • Cochin Shipyard
    One of the largest Public Undertaking of India. This is one of the main ship building centers of  India. They builded a number of Ships for India as well as some foreign countries. Entry at cochin shipyard is restricted, but can with special permission from the authorities.
  • Corporation of Kochi
    Corporation of Kochi is the administrative body of kochi City headed by Democratically elected Mayor. Kochi city is the largest city of Kerala comprises 60 Divisions which have elected representatives to Corporation counsel. The span of Corporation council is 5 years. The seat of Corporation is at Boat Jetty, Ernakulam. Mrs. Marcy Williams is the current Mayor of Kochi.
  • Cochin Port Trust
    Cochin Port is one of the Major Ports of India. The architect of the port was Sir. Robert Bristow, a British Engineer. It is one of the nicest natural sea hubs of the world. The major potions of Kerala’s export is through this port. Now a container trans-shipment terminal,  is under construction at Vallarpadam expected to open by the end of next year. With the arrival of Vallarpadam, Kochi become the Major Container Trans – shipment hub of South East Asia.
  • Chottanikkara Devi Temple
    It is about 20 KM from city at the Piravom Kottayam road. This is the main Worship center for Hindus. This center attracts thousands of devotees every year in belief of cure from various diseases.
  • Cherai Beach
    A lovely beach bordering Vypeen Island ideal for swimming. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. A typical Kerala Village with paddy fields and Coconut groves nearby is and added attraction. The beach attracts thousand of Foreign as well as Local tourists every year.  The beach is 30 KM from city accessible via Buses which pass through Cherai. From cherai town by Auto Taxi.
  • Cherai Gowreeswara Temple
    Cherai Gowreeswara temple is famous for its annual ‘Utsavam’, Temple Festival having around 30 Elephants every year. The festival is for almost for one week. On the end day of the festival, there is a contest for ‘Thidambu’ – between  Elephants. The elephant having more height wins the ‘Thidambu’, which attracts thousands of peoples every year. The annual festival is celebrated during January-February  The temple is open for every person from every religion .
  • Dutch Palace Mattancherry
    The palace is built by Portuguese in 1555 AD and presented to Cochin Maharaja. It gets the name when the Dutch performed some repairing at the Palace during 1663. Rooms containing 17-18th Century murals, Depting scenes from Indian Epics, like Ramayana and Mahabharata.
    How to reach there :- By bus towards Mattancherry from the City.
  • Gundu Islands
    Gundu Island one of smaller Island having 5 acres of land in the back waters. It was the hooting practice center for Soldiers. One major Coir factory was there, the Island is belongs to the owners of the coir society. It is going to convert a Tourist Resort in the near by future.
  • G.C.D.AG.C.D.A is Greater Cochin Development Authority formed to give insight to the Developments at Kochi. Now it dissolved by the Government.
  • Jewish Synagogue
    The famous Jewish Synagogue and ancient Jew Town built in 1568 AD, in one of the historic palaces of Interest. The great scrolls of the old treatment, the copper plates in which the privileges granted by cochin Maharaja are recorded, and the exquisite Chinese hand painted tiles, are the attractions of the tourist. Two hundred years old, no two tiles are the same. There are also several finely wrought gold and silver crowns gifted to the synagogue by various partons.
  • Kanjiramattom Mosque
    It is from 23 Km from city situated at Kochi-Kottayam Highway. The mosque is builded on the mortal remains of sheikh Parith.
  • Kathakali Centers
    There are so many Kathakali training centers in Kochi.
    1. Sea India Foundation , Kalathiparambil Road, Near Ernakulam Junction (South) Railway Station.
    2. The Cochin Cultural Center, Manikath Road, Behind Medical Trust Hospital, M.G.Road, Ernakulam.
    3. Kerala Kathakali Centre Fort Kochi.
  • Kodanad
    Kodanad is famous for its Elephant training center. The Elephant training center is run by the Forest Department of Govt. of Kerala.The center giving training for wild Elephants which trapped or escaped from Forests. There is small Zoo near to the Kodanad Elephant training center. The other side of Kodand is Periyar River and Malayattor Pilgrim center, a well known hilltop center for Christians.
    How to reach there :- By Bus From Perumbavoor
  • Malayatoor
    Annual Pilgrimage to the Malayattoor Church on the hill top, about 4 KM from Kalady and 50 KM from Ernakulam, driving around the hills, amidst natural scenery, is a fascinating experience. St.Thomas the apostle, believed to be founded a church here when he came on his Christian Mission. There a footprint like impression at one of the rocks at the hilltop Church, believed to be belongs to St.Thomas.
  • Kerala History Museum
    The Kerala History Museum is located at Edappally, run by the Madhavan Nair Foundation. This is the best place for a quick trip down the ancient lines of Kerala History. The mythological Character ‘Parasuraman’ who believed to be created Kerala, welcomes the visitors of this Museum.It depicts important historic episodes from the neolithic age to the modern era, through life size figures Open between 10 AM to 5 PM, holyday on mondays
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Aluva 8 KM from City.
  • Naval BaseKochi is the Head Quarters of Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy, under the charge of Vice-Admiral. The base houses a number of strategic training establishments and various other defence organisations. The entry to Naval base is not open to all public, prior permission is necessary.
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Fort Kochi.
  • St.Francis Church, Fort Kochi
    The Protestant Church was built by the portuguese in 1510 AD in Spanish Architecture and is the first Church built by Europeans in India. Vasco De Gama the Portuguese Navigator was buried here in 1524 and after 14 years his mortal remains were carried back to Portugal . Later, it  handed over to Dutch and the british, when it become Anglican church.
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Fort Kochi.
  • Santacruz Cathedral Church, Fort Kochi
    This is the Roman Catholic Church builded by Portuguese and near to St.Francis Church. It is famous for the beautiful paintings inside the church.
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Fort Kochi.
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica
    This is the very well known ancient Church in Kerala. It was raised the status of Basilica in 1974.
  • St.George Church, Edappally
    The Church of St.George was found on 503 AD located about 5KM from city at Edappally. The church attracts a number of pilgrims, through out the year.
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Aluva
  • Thrikkakara Temple
    The Thrikkakara temple is related with myth about the formation of Kerala. The Temple dedicated to ‘Vamana’ an ‘Avatar’ of lord ‘Mahavishnu’ who sent to hell  the ‘Asura’ king ‘Mahabali’ once ruled Kerala.
  • Vypeen Island
    Vypeen Island is the most thickly populated Island of Asia. A stream of Three Bridges, Goshree Bridges connected Vypeen Island with the city. The Island formed due to a flood in Periyar river several hundred years ago. It is only around 500 years since it started human inhibition. The island stretches 25 KM at an average width of 1.5 KM. Several Beautiful Beaches like Puthuvype, Cherai, Kuzhuppilly are in the Island. Some historic places like Pallippuram For, The Pallippuram Church, Temples like Gowreeswara Temple, Varaha Devaswom Temple are amongst them.
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Paravur and Munambam through Goshree Bridges.
  • Aluva
    Alwaye around 21 KM from city is on the banks of River Periyar, the longest river of Kerala. This is the idle place for swimming in fresh water river. The Aluva ‘Sivarathri’ is famous for the number of peoples participated in it. It is on the banks of Periyar, peoples are gathered at the banks of Periyar during the day and Pray for their forerunners and spend the whole without sleep.
  • Angamaly
    Angamali is famous for the Bamboo mat industry. It is 32 KM from the city towards north.
  • Chennamangalam
    Chendamangalam was the seat of ‘Paliath Achan’ the hereditary Prime Minister of Kochi State from 1602 to 1807. The hillock presents and unusual sight of Hindu Temple, a Church and a Jewish Synagogue all closely located near to each other. Also there is a seminary built on 1075 by Jesuit Priest, and they started the printing in Kerala back in 1577.Another attraction is the Malavanappara made up of rocks one over another resembling an Elephant.
    How to reach there :- By Bus for North Paravur, then another bus towards Chendamangalam around 35 KM from city
  • Kalady
    The Kalady is located at the banks of Periyar. This place is believed to be the birthplace of the great Indian Philosopher of 8th Century ‘Adi Sankara’. There are two shrines, for Dakshinamoorthy and Goddess Sharda both were run by Sringeri Mutt. It is also the seat for Sankaracharya Sanskrit University. The Adi sankara memorial tower is here. Swami Vivekananda religious library with over 6000 volumes of reference books is located here.
    How to reach there :- By Bus towards Aluva and another bus from aluva to Kalady. Around 45 KM from city
  • Kothamangalam
    Kothamangalam is known as the Gateway of High Range. Driving down from Pallivasal in munnar via Neriamangalam through difficult terrains and winding roads. This is a commercial town for Forest and Hill products.
  • Thattekkad Bird sanctuary
    This bird sanctuary in Devikulam Taluk lies on the northern bank of the Periyar river.The area of the sanctuary is 25sq km formed between the branches of the river Periyar.The presence of more than 200 varieties of birds in this area attracted the world renowned Ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali whose efforts are also believed to be used in the formation of the Sanctuary.Some birds like Falcon, grey jungle fowl, white breasted water hen, hornbill etc.
  • Maliankara
    Maliankara is about 40 KM from Ernakulam through Vypin Islands. Here is a statue of St.Thomas erected in memory of his landing.
  • Mulanthuruthy
    It is and important place for Jacobite Syrian Churches. There is a 700 year old Church with some beautiful frescoes. It was the scene of the famous synod held in 1874 by the Patriarch to settle the dispute bet Pallipuram Fort
  • Pallipuram Fort
    The Pallipuram fort is situated at the shores of Arabian Sea. The fort is builded by Portuguese in 1503 AD and the oldest European building in India. The Fort is Hexagonal in shape. The fort has ruins of under ground passage believed to be ended up in Kodungallur.
    How to reach there :- From bus towards Munambam from City – 35 KM
  • Paravur
    This is the first Municipality of Ernakulam having 100s’ of years of history. There are so many important temples and churches in Paravur. This is nearest town of Cherai Beach. The Gateway to Cherai beautification at the roads connecting Cherai and Paravur is a beautiful Place to Walk and Rest. The roads divide through the lush green paddy fields.
    How to reach there :- By bus from Ernakulam 35 KM
  • Perumbavoor
    Perumbavoor is well known for Timber industries. So many major Timber industries are located here now mainly for PlyWoods.
    How to reach there :- By bus from Ernakulam 35 KM
  • Udayamperoor
    It is a historic place. Here has ancient church, believed that the Bishops Synod known as ‘Udayamperoor Sunnahadose’ was held here to liberate the eastern Churches from the sovereignty of Pope.
  • Tripunithura
    Tripunithura was the seat of Kochi Maharaja, Hill Palace was the official residence of the Maharaja, is a Museum now. Some important Industries of Kochi is located here like Kochi Petroleum Refineries
  • SOS Village
    This is an orphanage housing hundreds of Infants. This is at Alwaye
  • Vasco House
    Vasco House Believed to be the house of Vasco De Gama. This is a Portuguese style construction, built during the 16th Century.
  • Jew Town
    The area around the Jewish Synagogue is known as Jew Town. This is the center of large business center at Fort Kochi. Spices, Curio and antique materials are available here.
  • Willington Island
    This is yet another famous Island of Kochi. This is a an made Island created from dredged materials of Kochi Port. The name came from the British Viceroy of India,       ‘ Lord Willington’. It is in between Ernakulam and Fort Kochi separated by backwaters, two bridges connecting this Island with main lands. This is one of the most Important Island in Ernakulam. The Southern Naval Command, The Cochin Port Trust, Government of India Tourism Office and the Central Customs are some of the important offices situated here.
  • Kumbalangi Tourist Village
    This is the first model Tourism Village in the country. This one of the main tourist attraction of Kochi. A visitor can understand village life here as the same time they can enjoy the enchanting Traditional Kerala Sea food.
  • Parikshathu Thamburam Museum
    The Parishath Thampuran Museum is situated near the Shiva Temple at Durbar Hall Road. The museum consist of collections of 19th Century oil paintings, Prehistoric monuments old coins, sculptures in stone and plaster of Paris. These are the Collection from the Kochi Royal Family.
  • Bhoothathankettu
    The boothan Kettu Reservoir is idle place for picnic and family get together. It is about 50 Km from Ernakulam at Kothamangalam Side. The Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is close to this Dam.
  • Pazhur / Pazhoor
    The Pazhur / Pazhoor is situated at the Banks of Muvattupuzha river near Muvattupuzha. There is an old Shiva temple which is believed to be constructed 1800 years ago. The River changes its direction when it reached the Temple. otherwise the temple would have been folded away. The ‘Pazhur Padippura (Pazhoor Padippura)’ is well known astrologers who believed to be blessed with divine powers from heaven.
  • Munikkal Guhalaya
    The ‘Munikkal Guhalaya’ literally means sages rock cave is situated at Chengamanad, 30 KM north of City. A group of sages believed to be lived here around 2000 years ago called ‘Jangaman’. The local name Chengamanad is derived from this ‘Jangaman’.
  • Mulamkuzhi
    This is a small hamlet nearly 50 KM from Ernakulam. It is a confluence of the rivers Periyar and the Perumthode. There is small waterfall
  • Koder house
    This is a beautiful building constructed by Samuel S. Koder of the Kochi Electrical Company in 1808.
  • Fort Immanuel
    This is the fort of Portuguese in Kochi in memorial of Strategic Alliance between Monarch of Portugal and Kochi Maharaja. It was built in 1503 and restructured at 1583. Now there is the ruins of this for at Beach after it was destructed by British.
  • Bastion Bungalow
    This is an Indo European style building constructed in 1667. Through is has been said that a network of secret tunnels run beneath the bungalow.