Kannur District

The Kannur District was a port area in ancient times. Now it is known for Handloom and ‘Beedi’ Industries. There are so many navigable rivers across Kannur. Valapattanam river is the largest river in the District, it originates from ‘Western Ghats’ . Kannur is the most urbanised district of Kerala, more than 50% of Districts population live in urban areas. The district is an important place for ‘Theyyam’ a ritual dance of northern Kerala.

The District is the Kerala’s most Politically active District. At ‘Pinarayi’ of Kannur, Kerala Communist party was formed. Several leaders of Kerala Communist party has been native Kannur.


AREA 2997 KM2
POPULATION 24,12,365 (2001 census)
RAINFALL 3440 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 21 – Max 33
CLIMATE Tropical.



  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctury
    It is 35Km from Theleichery, spread over 55 sq. KM area. The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary has Elephants, sloth bear, sambas, mouse deer and reptiles.
  • Chirakkal
    Chirakkal was the seat of famous Kolathiri Rajas who were the Kings of Malabar .
  • Dharmadom
    Dharmadom is small island lies 3 KM from Thalassery and is spread over 5 acres. The place was known as ‘Dharma Pattanam’, according to belief it get its name from a Buddhist Monastery as some Buddha images were excavated from here.
  • Ezhimala
    Ezhimala is located 55 KM from Kannur and is about 890 feet high isolated cluster of hills. At the foot of the hill there is a cave and a burial chamber. There is an ancient mosque with stone pillars. Ezhimala and its surrounding areas is famous for rare herbal plants. The place is a very good tourist attraction with sandy beaches and high cliffs. This is the proposed area of ‘Ezhimala Naval Academy’ which will be the largest of its kind in Asia.
  • Mahe
    Mahe is located 5KM from Thalassery a beautiful coastal town, located inside Kerala, but the part of Pondicherry State. The Kadathanattu Raja permitted the French navigator to establish a French settlement in Mahe, was an important port at that days. There were many wars between British and French for Mahe. Finally in 1817 Mahe became a part of French settlement. Annual festival at the Mahe Church attracts thousands of devotees every year.
  • Moppila Bay
    Mappila bay is a natural fishing harbor near St.Angelo’s Fort. A sea fall projecting from the fort separating the sea water and island water.
  • Parassinikadavu Temple and Snake Park
    Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is dedicated to conservation and preservation of snakes most of which are getting extinct gradually. The Snake Park consist of snakes pits and Glass cases for species like King Cobra. There are about 200 snakes including Cobras, Russel’s Vipers, Pit Vipers, non poisonous snakes and large Pythons . The Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple is located at the banks of Valapattanam River about 18 KM from Kannur Town. The Muthappan Believed to be the incarnation of Lord Siva. This is the only temple in Kerala, where performed Theyyam as a ritual every day. The temple’s non-conformist nature is also evident in the unusual custom of offering dried fish and toddy to the deity. The Kathakali Club at the temple performs Kathakali on demand after 11PM every day.
  • Payyanur
    Payyanur is located 36 KM from Kannur. This is an important Khadi center, during the days of struggle for freedom, the Salt Satyagraha in Kerala launched here by K.Kelappan and P.Krishna Pillai.
  • St.Angelo’s Fort
    The Fort is located near to Mappila Bay, 3 KM from Kannur, this is an important historic monument. The huge Triangular shaped Fort was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy Don Francisco De Almeida with the consent from Kolathiri Raja in 1505. The Fort then handed over to Dutch and eventually reached at the hands of British and became an important military center for them. Now it is under Archaeological Survey of India.
  • Madayi
    Madayi is located 22KM from Kannur, is the famous 12th century Mosque built with white Marble. The beach near the Mosque is nice place to surf.
  • Taliparamba
    The Thiru Chambaran Vishnu Temple at Taliparamba, is an example of medieval architecture, stone walls, murals and Woodcrafts.
  • Thalassery
    The Thalassery is located 20KM from Kannur. It is known as the parent town of Indian Circus as most of the Indian Circus Artist are came from this town. Rev. Herman Gundert, the German Missionary, who implemented the first Malayalam Dictionary, spent his lifetime in Thalassery. The Brennan College here is founded by Edward Brennan. The Thalassery Fort was built in the early 18th century by the English East India Company, who established its settlement in 1683.
  • Payyambalam Beach Resort
    Payyambalam is a picnic spot located 2KM from Kannur Fort. Even if the beach is not fully developed, its still amazing, quiet and beautiful.
  • Muzhappilangad Beach
    This is the only drive in beach Kerala, where you can drive through the entire 4KM of beach. The is the idle place for swimming. Black rock protecting the beach from strong ocean current.
  • Pythal Mala
    The beautiful hill station is located 4500 feet above sea level near to Kerala – Karnataka border 65 KM from Kannur. Is is a 6 KM trek to the top of the hill, the District Tourism Promotion Council provides facilities here.
  • Arakkal Kettu
    This was the residence of Arakkal raja, one of the Muslim Royal families of Kerala.
  • Gundert Bungalow
    Dr. Hermann Gundert lived here for 20 years at this bungalow. This bungalow is at Illikkunnu near Thalassery.
  • Trichambaram Temple
    The Temple is located at Taliparamba 20Km from Kannur and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The sculptures on the walls of the sanctum are in a glass by themselves.
  • Pazhassi Dam
    The Pazhassi dam is at Mattannur 37KM from Kannur. The dam and the reservoir are wonderful to watch. Boating and lodging facilities are available here.
  • Malayala Kalagramam
    This is located at New Mahe, 29 KM from Kannur. This is a well known center for arts, painting, sculptors, music. dance and poetry.