Kottayam District

Kottayam is known as land of Letters, Lakes and Latex. This is one of the major Christian Dominated business and education center. The headquarters of Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Kottayam, Bishop of CSI central Kerala Diocese, Catholicos of the East of the Orthodox Syrian Church and Bishop of the Cochin-Kottayam Diocese of the Marthoma Church are located in Kottayam.There are so many educational institutions, Medical & Engineering Colleges, Mahatma Gandhi University are in Kottayam. The Kottayam – Kumily Road (K.K. Road) takes through the sprawling plantations of Coconuts, Pepper, Rubber, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom and ends up in the corridor of Peerumedu, Munnar, Thekkady the beautiful hill stations.

The First Malayalam News Papers of Kerala, Deepika and Malayala Manorama are  hosted in Kottayam. The town attained 100% literacy among all other Indian Places for the first time, which inspired the whole Kerala state to became the first cent percentage Literate State of India. The first Malayalam Vernacular process is established in Kottayam back in 1820 by Benjamin Bailey.


AREA 2208 KM2
POPULATION 19,52,901 (2001 census)
RAINFALL 3460 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 23 – Max 34.5
CLIMATE Tropical.




  • The Cheriya Pally (St. Marys’ Church)
    The Cheriya Pally was built in 1579 AD. The walls of this church depicted by the Mural Paintings themed by bible
  • Thirunakkara
    The Siva Temple at Thirunakkara is famous for its annual festival during 3rd week of March. The temple build in a unique style and having several paintings. The Maidan at Thirunakkara is an open space, is the center of Kottayam and a place for meetings
  • The Valiya Palli (St. Marys’ Church)
    PalliThe Valiya Palli built in 1550 AD for Knanaya Orthodox Church is famous for 8thcentury Persian Cross with the Pallavi inscription on it.
  • Athirampuzha
    Athirampuzha is again a place famous for its Church. The St.Mary’s Ferona Church is known as Athirampuzha Church. The annual procession of this church is famous for the peoples participation. Tens of Thousands of peoples participating the annual event. Athirampuzha is also the seat of one of the Universities of Kerala – The Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Ayyampara
    Ayyampara is a natural place for trekking is about 42 KM from Kottayam. There is rocky planes of around 100 acre of float rock makes gigantic stadium in stone. Watching sunset from this place a special experience.
  • Bharananganam
    This is the place where the moral remaining of Sister Alphonsa is kept. The is the holy pilgrimage center for Christians. This church is built in 19thcentury.
  • Ettumanoor
    Ettumanoor is an important Hindu Pilgrim center. The Siva temple at Ettumanoor was built back in 16th century. The inner and outer walls of this Temple is decorated with mural paintings and beautiful sculptures.
  • Kanjirappally
    Kanjirappally is known as its rich planters and estate owners belongs to Catholic Community. This is around 40 KM from Kottayam town. Here cultivated all the types of Cash crops includes tapioca, banana, coconuts, jack fruit, Pepper, Mango, Coffee, Rubber, paddy etc. The Christian Church of Kanjirappally, Pezhakkappilly Mosque and Ganapathy Kovil Temple are situated side by side in triangular shape here.
  • Kumarakom
    Kumarakom is bird sanctuary and also a Eco-Tourist Village. It is 12 KM from city offers house boat ride and holiday packages. During Onam season here comes the spectacular snake boat race. The tourist resort of Kumarakom with 100 acres of Coconut estate and Bungalow called ‘Baker Mansion’, the former estate and residence of British Missionary cum planter called ‘Baker’. This is now a resort run by Taj groups.
  • Mountains of Elaveezhapoonchira
    This is a picnic spot near to Palai located in the middle of a hillocks about 3000 ft from sea level. This is formed of imposing mountain ranges with rocky cliffs is on the eastern periphery of this district. Climbing this rocky mountains would be a sparkling experience for those who loved mountaineering.
  • Mundakkayam
    This is the gate way of Idukki District, the District of mountain terrains. It is famous for its rubber plantations
  • Panachikkad
    Panachikkad is situated 10 Km from Kottayam on the way to Changanassery. The Dakshina Mookambika Temple at here is famous, which the temple Goddess is dedicated for Education.
  • Vaikom
    Vaikom is famous for its Temple and its annual festival ‘Vaikom Ashtami'(Nov-Dec) and is 50 KM from kottayam. According to myth, the temple had constructed by ‘Parasurama’ who is believed to be the creator of Kerala. The Mahatma Gandhi started the satyagraha campaign against untouchability from here .
  • Wagamon
    Around 60 KM from Kottayam Vagamon is hill station at the elevation of 1100 meters. There is a facility for para gliding. It is located near to Indo-Swiss project at Kolahalamedu near Vagamon. The site is one of the big in Asia. Here conducted various training programs in para gliding.
  • Pathiramanal
    This is a bird sanctuary for migratory birds from all parts of the world. The Pathiramanal island is around 10 acres inside the Vembanad Lake, can be accessible from Kumarakom and Muhamma of Alappuzha .
  • Koottickal
    Koottickal is about 5 KM from city situated at the mountains terrains of Western Khat. Here is an artificial lake created by the check dam at Manimala River. The waterfall at ‘Vadakkevila’ is a main tourist attraction.
  • Kurisumala
    The ‘Kurisumala’ is attracted people mainly by the Church at the peak of a mountain. There is also a monastery on top of another hill.
  • Kannadippara
    (Mirror Rock)As the name suggests, the rocks here reflects the rays of morning sun just like a perfect mirror. Bamboo groves, meadows and wild flowers are seen here. Kazhukan Kuzhi water fall here is another attraction
  • Maramala Waterfalls
    The waterfall is located 11 KM from Erattupetta an eastern town of Kottayam. To reach at the falls one have to trek through the rocky paths.
  • Panchalimedu
    The Panchalimedu is 7 KM from Mundakkayam is at an altitude of 2500 feet above sea level. This is idle place for trekking. Near to this place there is one temple of ‘Malaya Araya’ tribal community. The pond at panchalimedu is believed to be the bath tub of ‘Panchali’.
  • Illikkal Kallu
    The Illikkal Kallu consist of three ‘Kallu’ – stone. One is in the shape of ‘Kudakkallu’- umbrella shaped, another one is Koonan Kallu – Hunch back rock. All these rocks are situated about 4000 feet above sea level, the plants here believed to be having divine power of curing. Once you reached at the top of the hill you can sea the Arabian sea at the distant horizon.
  • Poonjar Palace
    This is the royal palace of Poonjar Royal Family, which is situated 45 KM from Kottayam. The palace has the collection of antique materials.
  • Aruvikkuzhi WaterFalls
    This waterfalls is located near to Erattupetta. This is one of the highest waterfalls of kerala having a height of around 235 meters. The 3500 feet Mutu Kormala is near to this place
  • Ramapuram
    Ramapuram is situated around 15 KM from Pala and is the birthplace of Ramapurathu Warrior, a famous poet who wrote ‘Kuchelavritham Vanchippattu’. Ramapuram means the abode of God Sri Rama. There three temples of the brothers of God Rama.
  • Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls
    This waterfall is located 25 KM from Kottayam town. The waterfall located at the shades of rubber plantations. The waterfall cascading down from a height of 100 feet.
  • Matrumala
    This is the near by place of Pampady. This is picnic spot on top of hill, from there the surroundings are easily seen.
  • Alapra
    The temple names Thacharakkal temple here performed ‘Padayani’ a folklore art. It is in the middle of Forest and is 45 KM from Kottayam town. Other attractions here are Oottupura Viewpoint, Sanku Pathalam Waterfalls.
  • Ponthanpuzha Forest
    The Alapra is a 2500 acre dense forest having deer, wild beer, fox and Pythons.