Kozhikode District

Kozhikode was a very important port of Malabar Coast in ancient India. There is evidence for the trades between Malabar and Middle East back from 100 BC of Indian Spices. Chine was also a trade partner of Malabar. Calicut was the seat of Samuthiri Raja from 14th century. In 1498 the Portuguese Navigator Vasco De Gama landed in Kappad Beach of Calicut. Then onwards Portuguese builded a Fort at Chaliath and a Port at Calicut in 1513. The Dutch came into calicut the middle of 17th Century and continues their rule British arrived in 1615. This was one of the British Towns of India and in 1962 it became the first Municipal Corporation of Kerala

Now Kozhikode is one of the biggest cities of Kerala, well known for timber industries. Kozhikode gave a great extend to Kerala’s Culture and Literature


POPOPULATION 28,78,498 (2001 census)
RAINFALL > 2540 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 22 – Max 35
CLIMATE Tropical.


  • Art Gallery
    The art Gallery of Kozhikode is dedicated to Raja Ravi Varma, the famous painter and price of Travancore. It is situated next to Pazhassi Museum.
  • Beach
    There is long stretched golden sand beach at Kozhikkode, covered with coconut lagoons. It is famous for local with its Light House. Idle place for sun bath .
  • Banasura Peak
    The Banasura Peak, named after the giant demon ‘Banasura’. Its overlooking Kadalundi.
  • Beypore
    The Beypore is a small coastal town located 10KM from Kozhikode. It is famous for Ship building center and famous for country craft called ‘Uru’.
  • Chaliyam
    It is an Island formed by Beypore and Kadalundi River. This was terminal of Railway line and now the Railway line is extended upto Kozhikode through Faroke Bridge.
  • Dolphins Point
    At the Kozhikode beach, 2KM from Town, one can sea playing Dolphins at the early morning. This is a spectacular event to watch. So many peoples reach at beach to sea this.
  • Ghat Section
    It is 44KM Kozhikkode, it the border of Wayanad with Kozhikkode. Is 14 KM long with nine hair pin curves amidst hill and forest.
  • Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
    It is 25 KM from Kozhikode,the sanctuary at Kadalundi is heaven for migratory Birds.Sandpipers, Terns, Gulls and other Birds flock into this place in November and return in April. Government of Kerala has declared this area is the Community Reserve.
  • Kallayi
    Kallayi is 6KM from Kozhikode, best known for its Timber Industries. It has been the nerve point of Kozhikode Timber Trade. It said to have been the the largest such trading center in Asia.
  • Kappad
    Kappad is located 16 KM from Kozhikode. Vasco De Gama, the first European reached Kerala back in 1498 May 27th landed here. Landing commemorated by a monument at the Beach.
  • Krishna Menon Museum
    It is in honour of Great Indian Leader V.K. Krishnan Menon, whose personal belongings and souvenirs gifted by the world leaders are exhibited here.
  • Kuttiadi
    It is 29 KM from Vadakara, Kuttiadi was the Head Quarters of the Kottayam King. Fortified palace is located on the hill.
  • Mananchira Maidan
    The Mananchira Maidan is situated at the heart of the City, where people like to spent the evening. The Town Hall, Public Library, Common Tourist Office, the Large Pond and the park are the beautiful places around the Ground.
  • Mavoor
    The Mavoor was famous for its Mavoor Gwalior Rayons Factory. The water supply of the city belongs to this place.
  • Nadapuram
    Nadapuram 18KM from Kozhikode is an important religious center for Muslims.
  • Pazhassi Raja Museum
    Is is 5KM from city. Is is located at East Hill, run by State Archaeological Department displays ancient mural paintings, antique bronze, old coins, models of Temples, dermoid cysts and umbrella stones.
  • Science Center and Planetarium
    The Planetarium located at JafferKhan colony offers extensive insight into the Origin of Universe, Stars and Planets. Daily Shows at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 hours.
  • Thusharagiri
    This is one of the rarest tribal places in Kerala, located 50 Km from Kozhikode. Two streams of River originating from Western Khat and meets here to form the Challipuzha River. This river create a water fall of snowy spray. Thusharagiri means snowy peak. A 5 KM trek will lead one into the origin of the stream. Of the Three the highest waterfall is ‘Tenpara’
  • Vadakara
    Vadakara is 45 Km from Kozhikode famous for the Martial Art for ‘Kalarippayattu’. Legends about Kadathanattu Raja, Kolathiri Raja, Thamarassery Rajas are popular. In the ‘Vadakkan Pattu’ Warriors like ‘Thacholi Othenan, Kannappanunni, Manikkoth are heroes of peoples. There is fort built by Kadathanattu Raja. Remnants of other for built by Kunjali Marakkar is also here.
  • Tali Temple
    The Temple is the classical example of Total integration of wood and laterite, which is remarkable feature of Kerala Style of Architecture. It was built in 14th century by swami Thirumulpad, the Zamorin and was the venue of Revathi Pattathanam, an annual cultural and intellectual event.