Malappuram District

Malappuram District’s importance in history was the Mappila Rivals of Malabar 1792-1921. The Malabar Special Police, product of British Colonial rule and tyranny and freedom struggle, was formed in 1852. It was ruled by Valluvanad dynasty. The Zamorin of calicut consolidated his conquests and build a palace in Ponnani. The Muslim dominated district of Kerala was formed from the Muslim majority parts of other districts in 1961 by the first Communist Chief Minister of Kerala, EMS Namboodiripad.

The district is lags behind other Districts of Kerala in terms of Birth Rate, Literacy, Health. Even though, the districts contributed Kerala’s cultural traditions in a big way. Some of the shining Stars of Kerala Cultural and Literature fields were born here. Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri born at Thirunavaya, Vallathol Narayana Menon at Tirur,P.C. Kuttikrishna Marar and Uroob were at Ponnani, EMS Namboodiripad at Perinthalmanna,Edasseri Govindan N