Malappuram District

Malappuram District’s importance in history was the Mappila Rivals of Malabar 1792-1921. The Malabar Special Police, product of British Colonial rule and tyranny and freedom struggle, was formed in 1852. It was ruled by Valluvanad dynasty. The Zamorin of calicut consolidated his conquests and build a palace in Ponnani. The Muslim dominated district of Kerala was formed from the Muslim majority parts of other districts in 1961 by the first Communist Chief Minister of Kerala, EMS Namboodiripad.

The district is lags behind other Districts of Kerala in terms of Birth Rate, Literacy, Health. Even though, the districts contributed Kerala’s cultural traditions in a big way. Some of the shining Stars of Kerala Cultural and Literature fields were born here. Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri born at Thirunavaya, Vallathol Narayana Menon at Tirur,P.C. Kuttikrishna Marar and Uroob were at Ponnani, EMS Namboodiripad at Perinthalmanna,Edasseri Govindan Nair at Kuttippuram, Moyinkutty Vaidyar at Kondotty, Poonthanam Namboothiri at Keezhathur and Nandanar at Angadippuram are few amongst them.Ponnani of Malappuram is an important place for both Hindu’s and Muslims.¬† The areas which the River Bharathapuzha flow are some of the beautiful¬† places in the world.


POPOPULATION 36,29,640 (2001 census)
ALTITUDE Low Land – Mid Land
RAINFALL > 42900 mm
TEMPERATURE > Min 22 – Max 37
CLIMATE > Tropical.


  • AngadippuramAngadippuram is an important place for both Hindus and Muslims. The Thirumandhamkunnu Durga Temple is very famous and an important pilgrimage center of Hindus. The Puthanangadi Mosque is very important for Muslims it has Arabic inscriptions on its planks.
  • Haig Barracks
    At the shore of Kadalundi River the Haig Barracks, the old British construction situated, is now the Head Quarters of District Administration.
  • Kadalundi
    The place where Kadalundi river meet the Arabian Sea 10Km from Parappanangadi. This is a beautiful place where a large numbers of migratory birds visit every year during February / April.
  • Kottapadi
    Just below the cantonment hill, the ground called the ‘Kottappadi’ means the Gate of Fort. There was Fort built by British to protect from the attacks of Mysore.
  • Kottakkal
    The Kottakkal is famous for its Arya Vaidyasala of Kottakkal, it is 12 KM from Malappuram. It is the pioneering center of Ayurveda, which is the Kerala’s traditional way natural treatment. There an Ayurvedic Research center, Hospital and nursery Home.They maintained there own Medical herbal Garden.
  • Kondotty
    Kondotty is located 18 KM from Manjeri, is an important religious place for Muslims. The 500 years old Pazhayangadi Mosque is known for its Valiay Nercha during February / March.
  • Malappuram
    Malappuram is small town and the head quarters of the District. Pookkottur near Malappuram was the place where ‘Mappilas’ (Malabar Muslims) fought against British during Mappila Riot. The Jama Ath Mosque at Malappuram is an important place for Muslims.
  • Manjeri
    Manjeri is the Taluk headquarters situated 12 KM from Malappuram. Anti British struggle were started here back in 1790.
  • Nedumkayam
    It is 18 KM from Nilambur, a rain forest, wild animals can be found here. An Elephant taming center is here, mainly ‘Chala Naikas’ tribes settled here.
  • Nilambur
    Nilambur is an extensive wild area, well knows for its Teak Plantations started by British, this is one of the oldest Teak Plantations of the world known as ‘Conolly’s Plot. The Cholnaikans Tribe, believed to be the aborigines of Kerala lived here. One Teak Museum is here.
  • Perinthalmanna
    Perinthalmanna is main agricultural area of Malappuram. The Valluva Kolathiri in for Cheraman Perumal was ruled here and led many failed wars with Samuthiri of Kozhikode.
  • Perumpadappu
    This was the seat of Cochin Princess, Perumpadappu Swaroopam, now is an important Islamic center 15 KM from Ponnani
  • ponnani
    Ponnani where an ancient port at Arabian sea was here. Ponnani is known as the Mecca of Kerala, where several Islamic religious schools are situated and the Jama Ath Mosque here is an important Pilgrimage center for Muslims.
  • Tanur
    This coastal town was one of the earlier Portuguese settlement of Kerala. According to belief, St. Francis Xavier visited here in 1546 and converted local fishermen into Christianity. The Kerala Desa Puram Temple dedicated to lord Vishnu is one of the oldest temples of Kerala.
  • Tirurangadi
    This is the place where the the Mappila riots were ignited int 1921.
  • Thirunavaya
    Thirunavaya is situated at the banks of Bharathapuzha, were Mamankam, a historical event were held here once in 12 years. This was the assembly of rulers of Kerala, where they demonstrated their power. The last time it was performed in 1775
  • Valamthode
    Vallamthode is a tribal settlement on top of Hill. The hill is located on the other side of the Chaliyar River. The Vallithode is 30KM from Nilambur and is a tourist destination mainly for its attraction, waterfalls.
  • Kottakkunnu
    The Kottakkunnu is a Picnic spot near to District Head Quarters. There has traces of an old fort at the Cantonment Hills. The Fort was built by Samoothiri of Kozhikode.
  • Vettakkorumakan Temple
    The Nilambur Silk Festival famous for its hymns by singing by the Royal Family of with the Tribes of Nilambur
  • Adyanpara
    The Adyanpara features its splendid waterfall and lush green Forests. It is situated 15KM from Nilambur.
  • Padinjarekkara Beach
    The Beach offers a wonderful view of the confluence of the Rivers ‘Bharathapuzha’ and ‘Tirur Puzha’ at the Arabian Sea. It is adjacent to Ponnani.
  • Kadampuzha
    Kadampuzha is 30KM from Malappuram famous for its Devi Temple. The important offerings here are ‘Poomoodal’ and ‘Muttarakkal’. Poomoodal means offering of Thechi(Ixora Indica) and ‘Muttarakkal’ is breaking of Coconut. It is believed that, ‘Sankaracharya’ had consecrated the temple.
  • Poonthanam Illam, Kizhattur
    An Exponent of the Krishna Cult of The Bhakti Movement, Poonthanam Namboothiri was born here.He is known for his work, Jnanappana(The Song of Knowledge)