Palakkad District

Palakkad is the more fertile and thickly forested districts of Kerala. Palakkad is believed to be derived it name from Pala(Alstonia Scholaris) and kad (Forest) meaning that the full area was covered by Pala trees.Palakkad District provides the inlet for the rest of the India to the states through a 32 to 40 meter wide gap in the Western  Ghats – ‘Palakkadan Churam’. The plain are so fertile that is known as the granary of Kerala.

Kerala’s one of the longest river Bharathapuzha (Nila) flows through this district. The District is lies at the foots of Western Khat only mid land and high land. This is one of the districts of kerala that does not have a sea shore. Unlike any other districts of Kerala the Palakkad experience a dry weather. The district shows the maximum temperature in the state due to the dry air flown from Tamilnadu through ‘Palakkadan Churam’.


AREA 4480 KM2
POPULATION 26,17,072 (2001 census)
RAINFALL 2400 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 21.15 – Max 38.68
CLIMATE Tropical.


  • Attappady Tribal Settlement
    Attappady is located 80 KM from Palakkad. Mainly it is a tribal settlement. An extensive mountain valley above the crest of ranges with numerous rivulets of Bhavani River.This is some of remote area of Kerala, normally the natural inhabitants living with their traditional rituals.
  • Chulliyar Dam
    Chulliyar Dam located 40 KM from Palakkad. This is at the foot Hills of Western Ghat.
  • Deer Park
    The deer park is located at the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu, which comprises around 100 acres, known as Lok Nayak J.P. Smriti Vanam. Deers and other animals moves freely around this park.
  • Dhoni
    Dhoni dam located at 15 KM from Palakkad. This is a reserve Forest has many enchanting sites and has a splendid waterfall too.
  • Fort
    In the heart of Palakkad town there is fort built in 1766 AD by Hyder Ali of Mysore. Later in 1790 The British captured the fort.
  • Jain Temple
    The Jain Temple of Palakkad is the rarest of its kind in India.The Temple built with granite walls with a height 32 ft and 20 ft wide with four divisions.
  • Kollengode
    This was the Capital of Kollengode Raja. The Kollengode has a spectacular site of Nelliampathy Hills at One Side and green paddy field at the other side. Kachamkurussery Temple at here is famous
  • Kanjirappuzha
    This 45 KM from palakkad is dam surrounded by blue mountain ranges. The every green Forest of Vettila Chola is at the other side of the River.
  • Kalpathy Temple
    The temple of dedicated to Lord Shiva on the Banks of the Kalpathy River. The temple was built in 1425 AD, it resembles the Kasi Temple at Banaras.
  • Lakkidi
    Lakkidi is a beautiful place near to Shoranur and Palakkad. The famous Malayalam Poet and the father of tradition Dance form Called ‘Ottan Thullal’, Kunjan Nambiar was born here.
  • Malampuzha Dam
    Malampuzha is one of the Kerala’s main tourist destinations. It is at the site of a Irrigation dam site built at Bharatha Puzha river 8 KMS from Palakkad. The Malampuzha town is located at the foot of ‘Western Khats’ near to the beautiful reservoir, garden and an amusement park. The statue ‘Yakshi’ of famous sculptor ‘Kanayi Kunjuram’ is here. The Malampuzha provides a panoramic view of blue misty mountains, reservoir and garden. Here has the boating facility at the lake.
  • Mangalam Dam
    Mangalam dam is at the Cherukunnu Puzha is located at the forest area having wild elephants, deers, birds.
  • Mayiladumpara – Peacock Sanctuary
    ‘Mayiladumpara’ The rock where the peacock dances. As the name pronounces it is a famous peacock sanctuary located around 30KM from Palakkad.
  • Meen VallamMeen Vallm is the originating point of a river called ‘Thappanadu River’ . There has more than 10 steps of waterfalls at varying heights 5 to 45 meters.
  • Meenkara
    The Meenkara is located around 30 KM from Palakkad. There is a dam, gardens and the facility for fishing at the lake.
  • Nelliampathy
    Nelliyampathy is known as the Ootty of Poor, is located 75 KM from Palakkad. This is cool hill station, where you could find the Orange and Apple plantations of South India. There is dam at Pothundi.
  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
    The Parambikulam is Wildlife Sanctuary located near to Anamalai Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. It consist of 300 Sq.KM, and has a variety of flora and fauna with a large collection of Bison, Deer, Nilagiri Langur, Jungle Cat, sloth bear, Tiger and leopards.  The largest teak of Asia is here.
  • Siruvani
    The Siruvani dam is constructed here, 48 KM from Palakkad across the River Siruvani, the water at this dam is utilized for water supply in Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu.
  • Shornur
    Shoranur is a beautiful town located at the shores of River ‘Bharathapuzha’. It is a largest industrial area and where so many film makers shoot their films at the natural beauty of this place.
  • Silent Valley National Park
    This is a tropical evergreen forest located 80 Km from Palakkad. It spread around 100 sq. KMs, the Silent Valley National Park is the home of thousand of Wild Animals.
  • Thrithala
    Here found ruins of an old large fort. The Kattile Madom Temple, a domed structure of Granite Slabs has an archaeological importance.
  • Thiruvalathur
    It is 10KM from Palakkad has an ancient temple with some wood carvings and stone sculptures.
  • Punarjani Guha
    The Punarjani Guha is a natural Tunnel in the rocky cliff around 2KM from Thiruvilwamala Temple. One can reach there by foot through the rough rock or through the motor road. The narrow tunnel inside the rock 15 meters long. The ‘Noozhal’ – crawl through the tunnel believed to be wash away the one’s all sin.