Pathanamthitta District

One of the last formed District of Kerala. Created from parts of Kollam and Alappuzha Districts in 1982. Some Major Rivers like Achankovil, Pamba, Manimala are flow through the District. Blessed with natural beauty this District is known as Land of Forests and Pilgrimage. One of India’s main Pilgrimage center, Sabarimala is in this District. The land Stretches from dark thick forest to at the East to Green Paddy fields at the West.


AREA 2637 KM2
POPULATION 12,31,577(2001 census)
RAINFALL 1850 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 22 – Max 37
CLIMATE Tropical.



  • Sabarimala

    This is one of the important Hindu Pilgrimage center in India.. This is located at the terrain of ‘Western Khat’ at an altitude of around 950 feet above sea level in the middle of thick lush green rain forest. People of all around India pilgrims to the Temple of ‘Lord Ayyappa’ here. Every person
    from every Religion and caste is permitted to enter here. But womens aged between 10 to 50 is not permitted here. The pilgrimage season is December-January. From Pampa to Sabarimala, a steep uphill of 4 KM have to be traveled by foot to reach Sabarimala.

  • Pandalam

    The Pandalam is historically important in connection with the ‘Lord Ayyappa’ and his Childhood. Lard Ayyappa believed to be the adopted son of Pandalam Raja. Age old practice of the Royal procession with presents to Sabarimala from Pandalam Palace, an annual event, during the Festival Season of Sabarimala is continuing till date.

  • Aranmula

    The Aranmula town is located at the banks of River Pampa and is famous for Krishna Temple. The Uthrattathi snake boat race in the River Pampa is very famous. It is during September in connection with ‘Onam’ the Kerala’s National Festival. This has been attracted by the thousands of tourist across the globe. ‘Aranmula Mirror’ is another is a unique mirror available here. This mirror is manufactured without using glass and mercury. The special metal alloy used to create this mirror is a secret amongst a few families here. Aranmula is
    the second model tourism village of Kerala.

  • Konni

    Konni is hill town located adjacent to Forest. There is an Elephant training center, where elephants tamed and trained for work.

  • Perunthenaruvi Water Fall

    The Perunthenaruvi is famous for its waterfall from the rocky mountains at an altitude of more than 100 feet. This is located 36 KM from Pathanamthitta town.

  • Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Centre

    Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural center, Aranmula is founded by Louba Schild from France under Indo – French cultural Exchange program and got the support from UNESCO. This is an idle place for those who love art and culture. The center offers resident training for Kerala traditional arts like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kalarippayattu, Music etc.

  • Omallur

    Omallur is famous for Raktha Kantha Temple known as ‘Omallur Ambalam’. The annual cattle fair is conducted in the month of March – April. This 5Km from Town.

  • Malayalappuzha

    Malayalappuzha is about 8Km from town. The temple of ‘Malayalappuzha Bhagavathy’ is the main attraction here. The temple walls consist of beautiful paintings and artistic stone carvings.

  • Kadammanitta

    The is the place where you can see one of the Kerala’s ancient art for ‘Padayani’. A dance performed during the annual festival of Devi Temple here which last for 10 days (April-May). The Kadammanitta is 8 KM from town.

  • Kodumon

    The famous writer Sri Saktha Bardhan who was the author ‘Ascharya Choodamani’ lived here. The ‘Chilanthi Kinar’ – Spider Well at the Chilanthi Temple has devine water which believed to be cure skin diseases. The Kodumon is 16 KM from Town.

  • Kaviyoor

    At Kaviyoor there is a Siva Temple built during the 8th century. There is also a Hanuman temple. It is 5KM from Thiruvalla town.

  • Thiruvalla

    Thiruvalla is one of the important towns of Pathanamthitta and is the main Railway station of Pathanamthitta. The name Thiruvalla came from ‘Srivallabha’ another name of God’s Siva. The temple has annual Kathakali performance during festival season. Malankara Syrian Church has its head quarters here.

  • Parumala

    Parumala is famous for its Mar Gregorios Metropolitan, the declared saint of Malankara Church.

  • Niranam

    One of the oldest church St.Mary’s Orthodox Church believed to be built by St.Thomas   is here. The Niranam Kavikal famous poets lived here.

  • Erumeli

    Erumeli is famous for its relation with Sabarimala. This is the camping center for devotees of Sabarimala. Legend is Vavar a Muslim saint gave protection to The Hindu God Ayyappa of Sabarimala. So the devotees of Sabarimala give offerings here during their trip to Sabarimala.

  • Kozhencherry

    The Maramon Christian Conversion at Kozhencherry is world famous.This is conducted at the banks of River Pampa. This is one of the largest gathering of Christians, attracting millions of peoples every year. This is during the month of February every year.

  • Perinad

    The famous Bethany Ashram founded by late Mar Ivanios First ArchBishop of Catholic church under the malabar rites continues to be the center for social, economic and religious studies. 

  • Ranni

    The mountain terrain and the roads twining around the hillocks to the various places in the highrange start from here. There are several ancient Churches and Temples are here.