Wayanad District

The Wayanad District formed in 1980 from Kozhikode and Kannur District. The name Wayanad came from ‘Vayal’ – Paddy Field and ‘nadu’ Land – Land of Paddy Fields. For a period of Time Wayanad was under the Rule of ‘Pazhassi Raja’ who fought with  British and finally victory was with the former.

The district’s population is dominated with Tribals. About 36% of of total population is ‘Adivasi’. Tribe. Wayanad has the climate of hill stations, mainly cultivating spices, Coffee and Tea. It offers a Panorama of undulating hills and dales.


POPOPULATION 7,86,627 (2001 census)
ALALTITUDE 2000M Above Sea Level
RAINFALL 2500 mm
TEMPERATURE Min 16 – Max 35
CLIMATE Tropical.



  • Edakkal CavesEdakkal Caves, natural rock cut out formation, formed by large split in big rocks, some rocks roofed over this rock. These rocks are fixed in position by natural forces. It has evidence that, neolithic human were lived here, the ancient carvings and pictorial wall inscriptions are the living evidence for that.
  • Banasura Sagar Dam
    The Banasura Sagar dam is picnic spot. It is 18KM from Kalpetta
  • Chethalayam Water Falls
    This is splendid waterfall at the lush green forest. Nearly 12 Km journey from Sultan Bathery.
  • Chembra Peak
    Is is tourist spot near Kalpetta
  • Gudalur
    Gudalur is located in Tamilnadu near to Kerala Boarder, this is the place where one could divert either to Ootty of TamilNadu or Mysore of Karnataka.
  • Glass Temple Koottamundu
    This is a Jain Temple located 20 KM from Kalpetta on the slope of Vellari Mala. The Temple is dedicated to Parshwanatha Swami, third ‘Tirthankara’ of Jain faith.
  • Kalpetta
    Kalpetta is the District Head quarters. It is surrounded by Coffee Plantations and was an important place for Tribal people. The Hardworking Christian farmers are from Travancore, immigrated to this area in early Kerala History.
  • Kuruva Island
    These Islands are at the River Kabani – one amongst the three East flowing rivers of Kerala. It is hardly 16 KM from Mananthavady have various species of flowers, herbs and orchids and also Animals and Birds.
  • Lakkidi
    Lakkidi is the place where seconds highest rain fall in the world. The heavy rain makes it one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Great scenic beauty with picturesque hills, glittering stream and rich vegetation.
  • Mananthavady
    Mananthavady is 500 M high, has an important place in history. The Great Pazhassi Raja rested before his death was here. The Tomb of Pazhassi Raja and the park in his memory are the main attractions here.
  • Mariamman Kovil
    The Great Pazhassi Raja gifted this temple to a local tribes for their assistance in the war against British.
  • Meenmutty Waterfalls
    Meenmutty is the largest and spectacular Waterfall in Wayanad. This on the way to Ooty 2KM trekking in the Jungle. The waterfall is 300 Meters high and has three steps.
  • Nagarhola Wildlife SancturyThe Nagarhola Wild Life Sanctuary is located 40 KM from Mananthavady. There is now direct bus service to this area, only jeep road is there. The sanctuary is extended over 650 Sq.KM.
  • Pakshipathalam
    This is an important bird watching place, 7 KM Thirunelli. One who want reach there, nothing but trekking is the method. Prior permission from DFO, North Wayanad is necessary to visit this area.
  •  Pookkottu Lake
    This is a natural freshwater lake, very deep and very wide. Surrounded by lush green meadows and trees, this is an idle place for those who like silence and solitude. It is 15 Km from Kalpetta.
  • Sultan Bathery
    It is also known as Sultan’s Battery (the original pronunciations in local language is Sulthan Bathery).It was formerly known as ‘Ganapati Vattam’. The place renamed after the Tipu Sultan of Mysore who built a fort here.Pazhassi Raja Fort is located 30KM from here at Panamaram.
  • Thirunelly Vythiri
    This is one of the tourist destinations of Wayanad due to the eye catching scenic splendor. The backdrop of ‘Brahmagiri’ hills provides an idyllic charm to nature around.
  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary
    Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary situated on the Mysore-Wayanad Road. It is an idle place to sea the wild life with most of species. Prior permission from Forest department is necessary to visit this area.With numerous watering holes, Muthanga has a large population of Elephants and has been declared as the Project Elephant Site.
  • Chain Tree
    A large Ficus tree, bounded by a iron chain is the source so many local legends.One Tribal youth, named ‘Karinthandan’ was the guide of British Engineer, who through the difficult mountain terrain into Wayanad. But the engineer eventually killed his guide to get the credit of the invention. The soul of the victim constantly haunted the travelers. Eventually one priest chained the soul into this tree.
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    The Wild Life Sanctuary is established in 1973, rich in Bio-diversity, Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary is the integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve. Fauna: Elephants, tigers, panthers, civet cats, monkeys, wild dogs, bison, deers, bears and many species of Birds. Flora : Teak, Maruthu, Karimaruthu, Rosewood, Chadachi, bamboo etc.
  • Pazhassi Raj’s Tomb
    Pazhassi Raja from Kottayam royal family known as one of the earliest to strike against British. He was a refugee in Wayanad hills, resorted to classic techniques of Guerrilla warfare against British Forces. He was known as Lion of Kerala, and was down in a ferocious encounter with British at Mavalanthode in 1805. His tomb built where he cremated.
  • Chethalayam Waterfalls
    The Chethalayam waterfalls id at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, about 12Km from Sultan Bathery.
  • Wayanad Heritage Museum
    This museum is at Ambalavayal. This museum is the home of wonderful collections of artifacts, that reflects the history and heritage of Wayanad. It includes headgear, weapons, pottery, a series of pictorial rock edicts referred to hero stones. There is also a small multi media theater, where shows the wayanad history and culture.
  • Sunrise Valley
    This is the place where one can watch Sun Rise as well as Sun Set from the location. It gives a Panoramic view of the valley beneath with the river Chaliyar. It is 20Km Sultan Bathery.