Arattupuzha Pooram

Arattupuzha pooram
The oldest pooram in Kerala – believed 1500 years old, the Arattupuzha Pooram is held at the Sree Sastha Temple in Thrissur for a period of seven days consistently. Enthusiasts say that at this ‘meeting’, all Gods and Goddesses aggregate in the midst of the day and age of the Pooram. Upwards of 23 divine beings from different asylums in Thrissur are brought here and revered which makes for an astonishing visual in itself.

around 15 km from Thrissur is the setting of the celebration. Held amid the period of March, the eight-day long celebration denotes the visit of divine beings and goddesses from close-by sanctuaries to the Aarattupuzha Sastha sanctuary. The seventh day of the pooram witnesses the percussion outfit of Sastha, which will likewise have caparisoned elephants and splendidly lit conventional sanctuary lights called thee vetti. Following day early morning is the terrific scene, which will have 50 odd elephants conveying the imitation of the gods of adjacent sanctuaries, moving to the close-by field for the last get together. The sanctuary symphony loans a great tenor to the event. Following this, the aarattu (stylized plunge) in the close-by stream is improved

The good times are among the finest seen in Kerala as they address such a wide variety of traditions from around the state. Effective elephants with their mahouts can be seen walking around the roads while the bangs of the chenda (drum) and Kuzhal (wind instrument) deal with the pace of the gathering. Perpetual supply of people stream around the place with a plan of society craftsmanship displays happening at the same time. The panthal set up in the midst of the festival are sumptuously completed and make for a capturing sight.