Cherai Pooram ( Cherai Temple Festival)

Cherai Pooram is the largest temple festival in Ernakulam District Kerala in terms of number of Elephants and gathering of peoples.This festival is held at Gowreeswara Temple, Cherai every year for a period of 10 days. This has been celebrated during the malayalam month of “Makaram”(മകരം), normally every year last weeks of January or First weeks of February.

The tenth day of the pooram witnesses the percussion outfit of Subrahmanya and Siva, which will similarly have caparisoned elephants and wonderfully lit ordinary haven lights called thee vetti. Following day early morning is the tremendous scene, which will have 30 odd elephants passing on the impersonation of the divine forces of contiguous havens for the last social gathering. The asylum orchestra advances an awesome tenor to the occasion. Following this, the aarattu (adapted dive) in the temple pool is progressed.