Ezhara Ponnana at Ettumanoor Temple

Ezhara Ponnana Darshan, the high purpose of the celebration at the Ettumanoor Mahadeva sanctuary, will be held the eighth day of the celebration. The eight statuettes, seven having a statue of two ft. each and the eighth one, a large portion of the size, (thus the name Ezhara (seven-and-a-half) Ponnana (Golden elephant) has a rich heritage behind it. As per legend, it was displayed to the sanctuary by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the author of the Travancore kingdom.According to another story, while Marthanda Varma had influenced the vow to present to the ‘ponnana’ the offering was made amid the rule of his successor, Maharaja Karthika Thirunal.

There are additionally contrasting stories about the purpose behind the offering: some trust it was offered as a punishment for the harms endured by the sanctuary amid the extension of Thekkumcore with Travancore; some others trust it was the offering made when the ravaging armed force of Tipu Sultan was pounding on the doors of Travancore. The statuettes are made of jackfruit tree and secured with about 13 kg of gold plates.