Machattu Mamangam

The celebration of Machattu Mamangam is related with Machattu Thiruvanikkavu Bhagavathi temple. An uncommon intersection of various societies of innovation and conventional can be seen in this five-day long celebration. The general population here owe their success and joy to Kavil Amma, the directing god.The feature of the celebration is the parade on the finishing up day. The celebration days convey a lot of satisfaction to the aficionados. It would include lavishly embellished kuthira kolams (models of steeds), ceremoniously conveyed to the sanctuary by the fans as offerings. The parade is joined by players of customary percussion instruments and it comes full circle at the sanctuary premises, making it a significant occasion.

The Kuthirakolams, themes of stallions are ceremoniously taken out for precessions in the city. These themes of steeds speak to various towns of the area. As myth will have it the Goddess Bhagavathi leaves the sanctuary to visit the homes of the enthusiasts all around and acknowledges the offerings thusly showers gifts on them. The parade likewise goes with the elephants spruced up in imperial design alongside the Chenda Melam, conventional percussion music making the occasion a genuine treat to the guests.The yearly spectacle drawing in thousands from everywhere throughout the spots is organized at the Machattu Thiruvanikavu Temple at Vadakkencherry in Thrissur region. The five day wonder proceeds with heaps of festivity with the most recent day planned for the headliners when immense structures intensely beautified with decorations and different materials are taken out for parades. The sanctuary, the inside for fascination is where the Machattuvela celebration is arranged and enthusiasts with incredible enthusiasm and dedication take an interest.