Uthralikavu Pooram

The Uthralikkavu celebration is led late-spring each year. The celebration flag hoisting happens on the second Tuesday of Kumbha, the period of the Malayalam Kollam time. Towards the finish of following seven days, on next Tuesday, as a feature of the valedictory capacities, the real Pooram is directed. At Uthralikavu Pooram, three groups, each from neighboring town sanctuaries Enkakkad, Kumaranellur and Wadakkanchery take part. Each group ordinarily introduces seven to eleven elephants, all finished with conventional trunk veils (nettipattam ), shields (aalavattom) and fans(venchamaram ). The elephant situated at the center will likewise have a vast plaque (thitamp)on its best which speaks to the divinity.

Aside from the elephant parade, at Uthralikavu, there additionally held are Kuthira Vela (a parade with wooden steed) and an assortment of such different occasions devoted by different groups. One of the essential segments of pooram is the arrangement of percussion ensemble (Panchavadyam, Melam and so on.). Especially, ‘natappura’ panchavadyam is a significant session of percussion execution by the main Panchavadyam craftsmen of Focal Kerala.