Mystery of Malaysians Airline MH370

It’s been tiring 60 hours since without any information from the ill fated Malaysian Airline MH 370. Search crews involving 9 counties are working for the past three days across the huge swath of South China Sea but lacking of any success so far.

As per Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s Chief of civil aviation, “it was puzzled by the sudden disappearance of the flight”, “Unfortunately, we have not found anything that appears to be an object from the aircraft, let alone the aircraft”, he added.

The Beijing bound flight was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crews when it went missing around 40 minutes after its 12.41 take off from Kuala Lumpur. The Boeing – 777 was cruising over 35,000 feet when it disappeared from the radar screens. The weather was apparently good and there were no disasters call from the crews onboard.

There are so many theories that have been loomed over. Both the Malaysian Airline and Boeing 777 has excellent track record of safety. It’s quite unusual to find any traces a large commercial airliner that disappeared in 60 hours.

There were at least two persons in fake identity on board of the plane.  One person identified with a stolen passport of an Austrian and one with the stolen passport of an Italian citizen. Initially there were speculation of person with Asian faces are onboard with stolen passport but later confirmed none of them are Asians. But experts said that it is not uncommon to travel persons with false identity in international flights. Not every person with a false identity is terrorists. A few years back when an Air India plane crashed during landing in Mangalore airport, found 10 peoples travelled with false passports. And the travel agency in China booked the ticket for the suspected persons declared the individuals did not desire tickets in the ill fated flight instead they want some cheap tickets to Europe. This adding the confusion over the disappearance of the flight and no terrorist organization assume responsibility which is very common during a terrorist action.

One theory suggested the mid course disintegration of flight as a result of some catastrophic event. It is quite unnatural to disintegrate a flight itself without an explosion. There were reports of 5 persons did not make the plane and there languages taken off as a usual procedure.  If the plane disintegrated at an altitude of 35,000 feet during cruise, the debris might have disbursed in several hundred square kilometers. Still none of the debris has not spotted by many flights and ships with the modern equipments them have. Some of the US air force surveillance planes onboard system that is capable of sweeps possible objects at the size of a football in an hour within hundreds of Kilometers wide area. The US also suggested there were no evidence of an explosion recorded in their spy satellites either and it might be more evident if there were an explosion since the event happened during dark night time.

The oil slicks found in the area later confirmed not from a commercial jet liner. A commercial airliner at the size of Boeing 777 should carry at least 40 tones of aviation fuel on board which should create Kilometers wide oil spill which should be spotted from some of the searching vessels. If the aircraft disintegrated in mid air it would have debris from seats, cushions, passenger luggage, plastic item which will float in sea water and can be visible from far above the air. Also considering the ocean current and the wind, the debris should have reached the coasts of nearby countries by this time. There were no reporting of such events and there were no reported case of sighting of debris from fishermen around that area.

Some Chinese media’s reported the case of ringing phone of some passengers on board and even some news channels showed the video of a girl calling to her brother’s phone who was in the plane. If this news was true then the possibility of finding plane would more easily since it is believed to be track a mobile phone with its cell tower location. But this is also running against the time before the battery of mobile phone getting drained.

The modern jetliners are fitted with a tracker devise called “transponder devise” which is capable of automatically updating its location. The transponder will continuously respond with the ping request from a radar or similar device. It will transmit its location without manual intervention otherwise it intentionally switched off by the crews on board or some catastrophic event completely cutoff its power supply or destroys it.

There is a beacon system from the black box of flight which is capable of send out signal for at most 30 days after it detached from power. None of the searching vassals reported the detection of such beacon signal. This may not be possible if the black boxes are submerged under deep water but the South China Sea and surrounding areas are shallow as low as 400 meters average.


There are mainly 3 theories supports the situation

Sudden and catastrophic failure of flight structure

The commercial airliners are built using aluminum which is susceptible for deterioration and weakness in the structure which lead to mid air disintegration of plane.  But this is more applicable to flights that have more frequent landing and takeoff which have huge impacts on airliners fuselage due to sudden variation of pressure.  But the planes at the category of Boeing 777 are more used for long journeys which last for 5-7 hours in that way the takeoff landing cycles are relatively low as compared with flights used for domestic travel.

Bomb explosion

Experts considering the possible onboard bomb which might detonate during the crews.  In 1985 an Air Indian Flight was – was blown up by a bomb at an altitude of 31,000 feet during its flight from London to Montreal, Canada and crashed into Atlantic Ocean.  The 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie used a similar method.


The place might have hijacked and landed somewhere in an abandoned airports of some neighboring countries like Vietnam. But is uneven not to track a commercial airliner of such size in the world of spy flights and satellites.


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