Tips for Tourists

Kerala is considered to be one of the safest places on earth as far as tourism is concern. But like any visitor to an unknown destination, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts. The culture of Kerala is far different than some you can see in Europe, America or even some other parts of India. Peoples are very friendly, English speaking, cultural rich and the most important thing is very aware of things happening around them.

  • Since most people can handle, at least understand English, you aware of the fact, you should be more expressive towards them to understand what you are try to convince them. one temples allows, there should have certain dress codes. For most of the temples Shirts are not allowed for males. Foot wares also not allowed. In temples like Sabarimala Womens at the age between 10-50 is not allowed to enter temple premises.If you are not sure about the custom of a particular Temple, look around and understand what other peoples are doing.
  • If you want to take Photographs of certain premises, like a temple, a Government Office, some private properties, always get permission from authorized persons.
  • It is illegal to smoking in public places of Kerala. Public usage of Alcohol is also prohibited. Using and carrying of narcotic Drugs is a serious offense in India. So always avoid the situations above described.
  • Always carry your travel documents safely with you, and produce whenever demanded by an authorised person like a Policeman.
  • Always wear proper dress, nudity and public display of affection like a kiss sometimes invite unwanted results, they are also illegal in public places. If you are in a beach area, restrict your beach wears inside the beach
  • Always carry sufficient amount of Indian Rupees in hand, If you want them, its always available at nearby banks, be aware always avoid unauthorised persons for money exchange, because you may get some fake notes. There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that visitors can bring.
  • Try to use packed drinking waters as long as possible. If you are a foreigner drinking local pipe water or something, there is always the chance of water spreading diseases.
  • Always carry cotton dresses, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion for travelling in the tropical climate of Kerala
  • India at the Time Zone of +05:30 GMT.
    Some Time Zone Differences from IST
    USA AND CANADA -10:30 to -12:00
    EUROPE -04:30 to -05:30
    MIDDLE EAST -01:30
    AUSTRALIA +04.30
  • Aware of the visa rules in India for. more informations Kerala Police Advice for Foreigners